Why vape CBD?

For the fastest bioavailability of full-spectrum CBD, vaping is quite simply the best choice. 

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Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson Pod Starter Kit


This USB-powered CBD vape pen from Dr Watson merits its name as it truly does deliver a ‘Big Hit’. 

From the trusted and reliable farm and laboratory of Dr Richard Watson, comes this simple, easy to use vape pen which makes getting your required dosage of CBD convenient an reliable. 

Formulated from organic hemp that provides natural cannabis terpenes and flavours, this full-spectrum CBD-oil vape is seriously impressive. The USB vape pen comes with 500mg of full spectrum GMP certified CBD extract, and 0.8ml of hemp vape liquid to bring you assured access to benefits of premium. 

Available in ‘Natural Kush’ and ‘Mint Haze’ flavours, Dr Watson’s Big Hit Vape is their best-selling device simply because it really does give the full benefit of CBD at its most potent and efficacious. 

Evoking the majestic peaks of the Himalayas and the finest traditions of natural grown hemp, ‘Natural Kush’ is a richly earthy flavour. For aficionados of a fresher taste, ‘Mint Haze’ brings the herbal sweetness of premium CBD vapes with style.

  • Ergonomic design
  • 350 mAh internal capacity battery
  • Minimal and portable
  • Easy to use

Kit contains

  • Dr Watson CBD Delivery System battery
  • 1 x wild mint pod 120mg CBD (60 mg/ml)
  • Charging cable


  • 6Ω ceramic coil
  • Organic Japanese cotton
  • 2 ml capacity pod
  • 6% 120mg CBD (60 mg/ml)
  • 350 mAh internal capacity battery

The THC content is less than 0.5%

Directions For Use:

Always follow the instructions for usage on the product packaging.


Our products are not designed to treat or cure and illnesses or ailments.

Seek medical advice from a professional in these instances.


The pods contain only PG, VG, CBD, flavours, blended cannabis terpenes.

Top Tip:

The Dr Watson pods are innovative and look sleek and discreet. If you are about the look as much as you are about quality, then try it out!

Price €30.00

We’ve all seen that vaping has skyrocketed in the last few years as the risks of tobacco have been increasingly recognized. But did you know that CBD-vapes are also bringing relief to millions? 

The benefits of taking CBD through inhalation have been known for thousands of years, but modern vapes have refined and improved the experience massively. 

Here’s FIVE REASONS why a VAPE is a great way to get all the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD.

1. Vape for a convenient, measured dosage

You get a convenient and calibrated dosage of high-quality CBD. A real bonus is that you can avoid the toxic smoke and carcinogens released in burning that comes with traditionally smoked cannabis. 

2. Vape for flavor

Far smoother than cigarettes, contemporary vape oils are available in a wide range of flavors and scents. Free yourself from the acrid smell of tobacco! 

The wide choice of flavors and stylishly designed RECHARGEABLE pens make vapes a seriously compelling choice.  

3. Vape for rapid absorption 

So much faster than edibles, capsules or under-the-tongue oils, vaping is the most efficient way to take CBD. 

The quick absorption can enable RAPID RELIEF for stress, anxiety, and pain. 

Its fast-acting effects can then last between 1-3 hours. Because of its high efficacy, you can be quickly top-up when required with almost immediate effect. 

4. Vape for a smooth experience

Significantly GENTLER on your lungs and mouth than smoking. The light vapor produced by quality pens avoids burning or irritation from inhaling particles. 

Most users would describe the vapor as being like SOFT STEAM, far lighter and less dense than smoke. They say it’s similar to breathing a gentle, SOOTHING MIST. 

5. Vape for quitting smoking  

Quitting smoking is such a challenge. But vaping can be an excellent way to quit smoking. 

By choosing a CBD vape, you can also get the benefits of REDUCED physical and mental CRAVINGS for tobacco. 

CBD is well established for the way it can support those dealing with addictive substances and behaviors. The physical sensation of holding a vape pen can be a fantastic substitute for cigarettes or a pipe. 

The similarity in movement and sensory experience of a vape can make it more suitable for those who are struggling to quit than gum or patches. 

Why we love our CBD vape!

In sum, we love vaping mostly because of its super-fast absorption rate. But the wide range of flavors means we can mix it up and enjoy some variety when getting all the goodness of CBD. 

So, if you are looking for the fastest absorption rate, choose a CBD vape.