Why use CBD for intimacy?

2020 has proven how vital intimacy and touch is to wellbeing. Let intimacy flourish by using CBD to reduce anxiety and HEIGHTEN your pleasure.

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For most of us, GREAT INTIMACY relies on making a MEANINGFUL CONNECTION, mentally and physically. Sadly, often it is stopped dead in its tracks by performance anxiety or physical conditions. The barriers to achieving this can be complex and may stem from a range of interconnected issues. Fortunately, CBD can be used HOLISTICALLY with great effects on the BODY AND MIND. 

“I love my partner, but my body would just go tense, even with foreplay.” 

Did you know that the well-known calming and soothing effects of CBD may help to relax the body, easing physical tension and rigidity?  

  • Bring RIPPLES OF RELAXATION and POSITIVE WAVES with the use of CBD enriched lubricant. 
  • We’ve heard so many stories of how using CBD enriched lubricant intimately relaxes even the tensest bodies. 
  • Stop worrying about muscle spasms or dryness. Many users note that its relaxant effects have given their relationships new life!  
  • Get significant benefits to your WHOLE-LIFE SATISFACTION. With CBD enhanced intimacy products, enjoy each moment fully and get the same benefits to increased intimacy that are reported the world over. 

How do CBD intimacy products work?

It works physically. 

  1. STIMULATE YOUR BODY! It is thought the use of CBD enhanced lube excites the body’s natural responses to intimacy and physical stimulus. 
  2. Boost NATURAL LUBRICATION from the massively increased blood flow. This can make penetrative sex so much more pleasurable AND seriously intensify your orgasms. 
  3. It has been found that the reproductive system has a high number of cannabinoid receptors. You can APPLY CBD DIRECTLY to your sexual tissues. Some users have shared that it may also help with chronic pain conditions such as endometriosis. 

It works mentally

  1. Promote physical relaxation by using CBD which may be supported by its de-stressing effects. Anxiety about sex and intimacy can make it so hard climax or to have an amazing orgasm. 
  2. CBD’s naturally relaxant properties can reduce these feelings of worry by calming the mind of distractions and concerns. Confidence is sexy. Make a sensual connection with every inch of your body. 
  3. Mindful use of CBD lubricant in anticipation of sex and during intimacy can empower a wonderfully blissful experience. Gift yourself and others real pleasure with every touch.  


CBD enhanced lubricants and other amazing intimacy products can revive stale or awkward sex lives and bring new life to a relationship. We love using them by ourselves too. After all, self-care is a great way to boost wellbeing! So, whether you are alone or with a partner, CBD enriched lubricants bring lasting delight. Maximize every moment with outstanding physical and mental pleasure. Trust us, it has transformed our lives.