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  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 1
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 2
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 3
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 4
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 1
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 2
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 3
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 4
E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 1
E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 1 E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 2 E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 3 E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 4

Dr. Watson

E-Liquid 600mg (6%)

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A timeless classic - This flavour is famous around the world for it’s aroma and taste from its namesake. A clear fan favourite.

Flavours and natural terpenes

GMP certified US-grown CBD

Nicotine free | No Nasties

Manufactured in GMP-certified UK facilities

10ml Bottle

THC Free

Benefit from Dr Watson’s eco-friendly expertise. Specialising in sustainable, organically grown hemp, Dr Watson blends his premium CBD oils to the highest pharmaceutical standards. 

Berry Kush

Naturally flavored, Dr Watson’s Berry vape liquid is a very popular choice. Reminding users of colorful, fresh fruits it has a sweet, healthy aroma that comes from sun-drenched orchards. 

Lemon Haze

Named after the well-known strain of cannabis, Super Lemon Haze has the same complex flavors found in the juiciest lemons. Perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, this lemon-flavored vape liquid also has occasionally grassy scents from the natural terpenes. 


With flavors created by a Michelin chef, Dr Watson’s vape liquids are a delicious way to enjoy quality CBD. 

Made from hemp grown on organic US-based farms and extracted in North Caroline, these outstanding vape liquids are blended in the UK to a pharmaceutical standard. Natural cannabis terpenes and the CBD Isolate increase its effectiveness and add to the flavors and scents.

Available in a range of strengths, you can find your ideal dosage with Dr Watson’s vape oils. 

Starting Strength: 100mg (1%) is the perfect choice if you are totally new to the benefits of CBD. Affordable and effective, it has a smoother inhalation than higher strengths. 

Regular Strength: 300mg (3%) is an easy to puff concentration that can be enjoyed frequently throughout the day by beginners or experienced CBD users. 3% concentration balances affordability and the benefits of everyday use to wellbeing. 

Maximum Strength: 600mg (6%) is the highest concentration available and recommended for frequent and more experienced users of CBD Vape liquids. As the strongest dose, 2-3 puffs can be taken when required.

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, GMP-certified CBD (Cannabidiol)), Lemon, Blended Terpenes, Lime, Sweeteners

The founder of Dr Watson CBD is known more simply as ‘Richard’ on his own 4000 acre humane-certified farm based on the lush coastal plain of Georgia on the United States’ eastern seaboard.

Proud to put his name on his products, the biotechnologist and leading agri-scientist Richard Watson has long been known for his expertise in growing grass and cultivating industrial hemp. He has revolutionized dairy farming as well as sustainable Cannabis Sativa L. growth.    

With detailed analyses for each batch of products easily accessible from the Dr Watson website, it is clear why he is confident lending his name to these outstanding products. All their products whether e-liquids, edibles, cosmetics or premium oils are checked in certified, trusted laboratories in the UK and Switzerland, and are blended in pharmaceutical grade manufactories.

The choice of hemp is always non-GMO so that you get nature’s very best alongside a fully organic growth environment that guarantees an absence of pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizer. Dr Watson’s non-psychoactive CBD supplements are created authentically with the natural ecosystem and human body in mind.  

Dr. Watson
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COA - Lemon Haze 600mg

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COA - Berry Kush 600mg

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This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or ailment. Always consult a qualified medical professional prior to consuming CBD products or starting a new dietary program. 

To learn more about CBD, please explore our online store where you will find everything you need to know about CBD and its various applications. Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to us at info@cbdetc.com where a member our dedicated customer care team is waiting to assist you.

Always store your CBD products out of direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.


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