CBD E-Liquid 150mg (15% CBD)

CBD E-Liquid 150mg (15% CBD)

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15% CBD in 1ml

Bali Blend: Balmy, exotic melody of tropical fruits. Think sunsets, palm trees.

Strawberry: Smooth strawberries with a hint of summer. Tastebud chill.

Sweet Leaf: Distinctive cannabis terpene notes. The true original.

Heisenberg: Luscious berries in rich aniseed with menthol overtones

Always perfectly balanced, má CBD was founded with a deep awareness of hemp’s contribution to environmental harmony and human wellbeing.  

For those in the know, Má's 15% CBD Vaporizing Oil is "the one".

Highly concentrated, this 15% 1ml oil is impressively satisfying.

Organic and full spectrum CBD, it is cleaner and healthier than standard vaping oils containing addictive nicotine. It is also highly aromatic, which increases pleasure and relaxation. 

Má vaper oil offers a smoother performance by actively selecting a concentration that avoids the risk of CBD crystallisation while maximising its strength. 

This is an exceptional product that reinvents relaxation. 

CBD (15%), Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavours and Terpenes.

Health-conscious entrepreneur Patrick Folkes first shot to fame with his launch of PJ’s fruit smoothies. Still committed to addressing environmental destruction and combatting the stresses of today’s society, Patrick founded má CBD to bring the benefits of hemp to a wider audience. Named after the first recorded word for hemp, má’s heritage goes back centuries to its original cultivators who recognised the delicate interactions which sustain life. Their premium range of highly concentrated, low-THC oils and vapes combines the earliest farmer’s respect for nature with the most on-trend products. má is perfectly balanced for those seriously committed to promoting their own wellbeing.  

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This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or ailment. Always consult a qualified medical professional prior to consuming CBD products or starting a new dietary program. 

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