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  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 2
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 1
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 3
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 4
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 2
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 1
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 3
  • E-Liquid 600mg (6%) Dr. Watson - 4

Dr Watson

6% CBD E-Liquid (10ml)

€33.00 tax incl.

A timeless classic - This flavour is famous around the world for it’s aroma and taste from its namesake. A clear fan favourite.

Flavours and natural terpenes

GMP certified US-grown CBD

Nicotine free | No Nasties

Manufactured in GMP-certified UK facilities

10ml Bottle

THC Free

Backed by science, made with nature.

Berry Kush

Naturally flavored, Dr Watson’s Berry vape liquid is a very popular choice. Reminding users of colorful, fresh fruits it has a sweet, healthy aroma that comes from sun-drenched orchards. 

Lemon Haze

Named after the well-known strain of cannabis, Super Lemon Haze has the same complex flavors found in the juiciest lemons. Perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, this lemon-flavored vape liquid also has occasionally grassy scents from the natural terpenes. 


With flavors created by a Michelin chef, Dr Watson’s vape liquids are a delicious way to enjoy quality CBD. 

Made from hemp grown on organic US-based farms and extracted in North Caroline, these outstanding vape liquids are blended in the UK to a pharmaceutical standard. Natural cannabis terpenes and the CBD Isolate increase its effectiveness and add to the flavors and scents.

Available in a range of strengths, you can find your ideal dosage with Dr Watson’s vape oils. 

Starting Strength: 100mg (1%) is the perfect choice if you are totally new to the benefits of CBD. Affordable and effective, it has a smoother inhalation than higher strengths. 

Regular Strength: 300mg (3%) is an easy to puff concentration that can be enjoyed frequently throughout the day by beginners or experienced CBD users. 3% concentration balances affordability and the benefits of everyday use to wellbeing. 

Maximum Strength: 600mg (6%) is the highest concentration available and recommended for frequent and more experienced users of CBD Vape liquids. As the strongest dose, 2-3 puffs can be taken when required.

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, GMP-certified CBD (Cannabidiol)), Lemon, Blended Terpenes, Lime, Sweeteners

Dr Watson believes in the sustainable and medicinal power of cannabis, creating quality, traceable and eco-friendly CBD products. Chief Scientist behind the brand, the real Dr Richard Watson is a biotech scientist and agricultural researcher with decades of experience in the hemp industry and grass science.

Dr Watson
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COA - Lemon Haze 600mg

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COA - Berry Kush 600mg

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