Why use CBD cosmetics?

Transform your daily beauty and cleansing routine AND benefit nature. CBD enhanced creams, lotions and cleansing products are THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to the toxic chemical cosmetics found in mainstream stores. 

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So, what’s wrong with my usual products? 

Consumers in 2020 are rightly worried about the climate emergency and the long-term damage caused by complex chemicals and artificial abrasives. Fortunately, CBD is REVOLUTIONIZING the beauty industry and empowering millions to reject traditional cosmetics based on carcinogens or from corporates monsters which are destroying the environment with plastic waste.

How can CBD cosmetics improve my life? 

A little-known fact is that the skin is actually the body’s largest organ. Its vitality can have a tremendous impact on mental and physical wellbeing. 

These are our top tips on how to IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH by using our highly recommended and environmentally friendly CBD cosmetics. 

Moisturize dry and cracked skin, sustainably.  

Common complaints such as psoriasis, dermatitis and xerosis that are associated with rough, dry, and itchy skin may be alleviated with the impressively anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD. If commercially available cosmetics only give momentary relief, it might be your body telling you to try something new! 

Trust in the awesome power of plants

Always combine the naturally anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids with sensitive plant-based moisturizers. This can DOUBLE their transformational power. Balms, creams, and lotions that use broad-spectrum CBD alongside herbal remedies can be seriously potent.  

Bothered by inflammatory cytokines enraging your skin? Squash them with CBD.  

Did you know that the latest research now shows that CBD may suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines? These proteins are known for their aggressive over-stimulation of the immune system which can absolute misery. By restricting cytokine production with CBD enriched products, sufferers of dry, inflamed, or painful skin may experience real benefits. 

Stop making things worse for yourself!  

Have you experienced the agonizing itch-scratch cycle? You know how infuriating and frustrating that can be, right? Fortunately, this can subside with the therapeutic qualities of CBD enriched cosmetics. Sufferers of sore, reddened, or damaged skin may benefit from the addition of CBD-enriched products. 

Eradicate adult acne or unsightly blemishes.  

The calming strengths of CBD have also been shown to improve the appearance of acne by researchers. Fascinatingly, in one study, CBD was shown to be more effective than Accutane when treating adult acne! Particularly benefiting those with debilitating symptoms, the relieving qualities of CBD can massively reduce blemishes on all skin types. 

Finally, we know that some commercial, mass-produced cosmetics may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of reddened or puffy skin, but why experience the misery of this for even sometimes? With potentially toxic effects, the chemicals and artificial suppressants found in many bathrooms should be junked. 

So why not gain the LONG-TERM BENEFITS from daily use of CBD in your beauty and cleansing routine? These CBD enriched cosmetics are the ideal choice for you to nourish and revitalize your skin. Hemp is the perfectly natural base of the best products and goes a long way to protect and sustain our fragile ecosystem.