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About us

         Whether you agree or not, we believe it is essential that you know what to expect from a cannabis product before you buy it. Well cannabis is pretty complicated: CBD is a new thing – it’s not a one-size-fits-all product. What they can do for you? Where do the ingredients really come from? What defines a good product from a bad product? You haven’t had these answers… until now!


         We set out to test and scrutinise every single CBD oil-based product on the market. Strengthened by forty combined years’ experience in the global cannabis industry, we have spent years sampling, testing and building relationships with North American and European brands to call ourselves experts in consumer cannabis. With our expertise, we have set a mission to create a one stop shop with every type of CBD product you will ever need, and the best bit is – you can count on it being the best the industry has to offer. 


         We are here to educate, guide and do your research for you. From sleep, relaxation, arousal, wellness and beauty, our sample team and curators have your needs in mind ready to make a positive impact on your lives. 


         All people can benefit from CBD, but everyone has different needs: CBDetc provides customers with a bespoke service from beginning to end:

1.  We offer WhatsApp consultancy calls and live chats with our curators.

2.   We listen to our customer needs and feedback.

3. We offer you the well-researched reading and learning materials.

4.   We provide you with an

abundance of product information.

5.   We randomly lab test the stock.

6.   We have a seamless shipping operation with FedEx.


         We do this to ensure that every step of your journey with us is worry-free and informative. But most importantly we want you to reap the rewards of your natural wellness products. 


Our Mission:

Providing Europe with a premium and reliable marketplace with globally curated, quality-centric cannabis products.

Our vision

For CBDetc to become a top marketplace for premium cannabis products.

Consistently curate the selection of premium CBD products.

CBDetc will be a trusted and transparent source of information on CBD products and trends.

CBDetc will strive to be an education-based platform where customers can learn, seek assistance and connect with other users.

Curated          Reliability         Premium       Transparency