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List of products by brand Kaneh

Revolutionising skincare and cosmetics with the naturally anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil, Kaneh is a female-led socially conscious start-up.  

Empowered by 30 years of expertise in the beauty industry and a deeply-held mission to promote sustainability, education, and social justice, Kaneh is an innovative brand that challenges the preconceptions of excellent skincare.

From the packaging to the contents, Kaneh’s amazing range of anti-inflammatory products stem from personal experience and detailed exploration of every moment of the user’s sensory experience. Packaged in stylish, reusable aluminium, and topped with beautifully crafted glass and bamboo lids, these products exemplify the founders’ environmental values and look stunning. 

When confronted with her daughter’s eczema and the urgent need for a new approach, Fam applied her 15 years of tech industry experience to bring Kaneh’s Skin Recovery Balm to the market as a truly transformational product. Likewise, Julie passionately believes in the benefits of combining the very best selection of ingredients from her background in traditional skincare with an innovative blending of the anti-inflammatory attributes of CBD oil. 

Julia and Fam really have brought their zeal for environmental causes and female-led teams to create a range of truly perfect products.

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