Wandering and Learning


Wandering and Learning

€77.53 tax incl.

Coffee table book printed on 100% hemp paper

20 x 28 cm

By Henrik Purienne, Jean Pierrot

Holyweed brings innovation and creativity to the world of premium CBD with their commitment to organic farming and the highest testing standards.  

Limited edition photography book for a swiss cannabis and CBD company Holyweed. Photography by Henrik Purienne and Jean Pierrot. Featuring model Delilah Summer Parillo. Edit by John Zabawa. Handmade with hemp cloth and paper. The CBDetc website images were sourced from Wandering and Learning.

Specialising in handcrafted and responsibly sourced products, Holyweed is building a community rooted in organic farming. Idealists at heart, they have shared a pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity with their fans since 2017.  

Holyweed’s cultivators carefully entrust each seedling to the pure soil and natural sunlight of Switzerland. Every blossom is lovingly nurtured and individually sown by certified farmers. Their mission to maximise the growth of cannabinoids and terpenes stems from their ethos-led and artisanal approach. 

Their caring philosophy is complemented by rigorous testing in trusted independent laboratories. Creating a perfect balance between man and nature, Holyweed is for those who truly value purity.  

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