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Your guide to CBD oil

Your guide to CBD oil

CBD oil is a therapeutic product made from the extraction of cannabidiol from the hemp plant, the same plant which produces marijuana. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule belonging to the large family of cannabinoids which are active substances present in hemp plants. CBD makes up on average 40% of the chemical composition of these plants and can therefore be extracted in sufficient quantities to make CBD oil.


Due to the rich health properties of cannabidiol, this CBD extract is now widely employed in the management of various ailments. Its growing popularity and its many amazing therapeutic benefits have led to many questions being asked about it.


Is CBD oil legal? How is it used? What are its real benefits? These are some of the questions this article will answer.

What is the composition of CBD oil?

There are various compounds that are concentrated in CBD oil, which producers abstract from the hemp. These include:

- Omega-3 fatty acids

- Omega-6 fatty acids

- Oil extracted from hemp seeds

- CBD 

- Natural terpenes (unsaturated hydrocarbons from hemp)


There are different dosages of cannabidiol in CBD hemp oil. These dosages are estimated in terms of percentages (5%, 10%, 20%, 30%) which are determined by the milligram content of CBD in the oil.


CBD oil also contains nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E and B-complex vitamins (B1; B2, B3; B6 and B12). It also contains essential fatty acids, flavonoids, proteins and fibres. All these components allow CBD oil to play its therapeutic role effectively.


It is also possible to notice the presence of MCT oil in CBD oil. The bioavailability of cannabidiol means that some CBD oils use MCT oil to aid in the absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

What are the different types of CBD oil? 

As the methods of extracting the principles of hemp vary, there are different types of CBD oil. Depending on the extraction process involved and the molecules extracted, three main variants of CBD oils can be made. These are:


- Full spectrum oil

- Broad spectrum oil

- Isolated CBD oil


It is strongly recommended that CBD oil of any type be stored in a cool, unlit place where the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees. Also, after opening, the bottle should be emptied within six months. After six months, the ingredients in the substance begin to lose their potency.


The quality of any type of oil depends on the method of extraction. CO2 extraction is the most recognised and recommended process. It allows all the richness of the CBD extracted from the cannabis plant to remain in the oil. The result is a pure, healthy CBD elixir with a high level of effectiveness in the treatment of ailments.


However, if you have strong convictions about eco-citizenship, you can opt for CBD extraction by cold pressing. This process allows you to obtain a considerably ecological CBD oil.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

The health benefits of CBD oil can be counted by the dozen. The following are the most commonly cited beneficial effects of using this natural elixir. Study up!

Relief of chronic pain

It is scientifically proven that certain components of cannabis, including CBD, have analgesic effects. Since CBD oil contains cannabidiol, it inherits the analgesic properties of the hemp plant. This helps to reduce chronic pain by acting on endocannabinoid receptors and reinforcing the interconnection between neurotransmitters.

Treatment of skin ailments and conditions

Skin conditions such as acne can be treated with CBD oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the production of sebum and inflammatory cytokines which are acne-causing agents. Applying this substance to the skin of the face therefore helps to maintain and protect it from the appearance and spread of acne.

Reducing anxiety and fighting depression

Medical research shows that with a 300mg dose of CBD taken orally, it is possible to significantly reduce anxiety in people under high stress. The ability of CBD to reduce anxiety has also been proven through tests on children suffering from post-traumatic stress. 


Several animal studies attest to the fact that CBD can also effectively serve as an antidepressant. Indeed, it is important to understand that CBD affects the mood and mental well-being of those who consume it because it acts on the brain's serotonin receptors.

Alleviation of symptoms of serious medical illnesses

CBD oil can be utilised to alleviate certain symptoms of cancer in patients. It can also alleviate the side effects caused by cancer treatment.


Nausea, vomiting and other discomforts experienced by those undergoing chemotherapy can be significantly reduced with CBD. However, it must contain THC, another cannabinoid derived from hemp, to be effective against cancer symptoms.

Treatment of neurological disorders

Research has shown that CBD can reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease. It can also be effective in the management of multiple sclerosis to reduce muscle spasticity and help manage spasms. The neurodegeneration caused by Alzheimer's disease can also be mitigated with CBD.

Treatment of high blood pressure

CBD can have many benefits for the heart. It can regulate blood pressure and thus prevent strokes, metabolic syndrome and heart attacks. More specifically, studies have shown that a dose of 600 mg of CBD oil can lower blood pressure in patients.

Other benefits

Apart from these described medicinal benefits, CBD is also known for its ability to facilitate sleep in people with sleep disorders. It also helps to moisturise the skin and hair, and can help to combat overwork and emotional exhaustion. Many other health benefits are associated with the use of this natural substance.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

People who have questions or doubts about the benefits of CBD can be reassured. Indeed, the World Health Organization supports the fact that CBD, although derived from hemp, is not addictive to those who consume it. In other words, CBD hemp oil cannot be considered as a substance that can develop addictive tendencies in its users, unlike marijuana. CBD is a substance with a very reassuring safety profile.


Nevertheless, one should not make the mistake of using CBD oil or capsules simultaneously with certain prescription medications. These include antipsychotics, opioids, antidepressants and other types of medications. The interaction between them and the cannabinoids in the products can have serious negative health effects. Also, the consumption of large amounts of this substance can cause the following adverse effects:

- Mood instability

- Dry mouth

- Diarrhoea

- Dizziness

- Drowsiness

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Anxiety


The severity of these conditions may vary from one individual to another.  In order to mitigate these effects as well as those linked to the mixing of CBD with prescribed medication, it is recommended to seek advice from your doctor before taking CBD.


It should also be noted that even if you adopt an attitude of avoiding or reducing the side effects of CBD, there are risks if you choose to smoke these hemp products. It is indeed possible to smoke CBD oil with a pipe or to ‘vape’ (vaporise) it with a vaporizer pen. Be advised that this way of consuming the substance can lead to heart disease and lung cancer.

Is CBD oil legal in Europe?


In most countries across Europe, CBD can be accessed by the public. For example, in France, as of 2021, a new regulation has been made regarding the legal status of CBD goods. According to this regulation, any product made with CBD can be marketed and consumed in France under two conditions. The first is that THC (the psychoactive principle of cannabis) must not appear among the manufacturing ingredients. Only a maximum percentage of 0.3% THC is allowed.


The second condition is that the product must not be made from hemp flowers but from hemp plants and seeds. If these two conditions are met, then any CBD oil can be legally marketed and consumed throughout France. However, consumers of these products are advised to be vigilant in only contacting credible professionals to obtain truly legal CBD goods.


Likewise, in the United Kingdom, the cannabinoid CBD is considered a controlled substance and medicinal drug, and only hemp plants and seeds that do not exceed 0.02% THC can be cultivated. Legally, CBD oil, and other products like capsules, have to meet certain criteria to be accessed by the public for safe consumption. One such criterion is that the THC content must be minimal. CBD oil is classified as a “novel food” in the United Kingdom. Where I can buy CBD Oil in UK ?


Abroad, government organisations like the FDA have their own specifications for the legal distribution of CBD products.

How is CBD oil consumed?

The way CBD extract is used (amount and number of times per day) can vary from person to person depending on weight, body type and needs. However, anyone should be able to fall into one of the three dosage categories established by researchers Juliana Birnbaum and Leonard Leinow.

Micro-dose (from 0.5 mg to 20 mg per day)

This dosage of cannabidiol is for people who suffer from sleep disorders, headaches, nausea or who want to calm stress.

Standard dose (10 mg to 100 mg per day)

This is recommended for people who want to relieve pain, inflammation, depression or anxiety. The standard dose can also be effective in combating the symptoms of medical conditions like multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease and fibromyalgia.

Macro-dose (50-800 mg per day)

This is used for patients combating serious illnesses such as cancer and epilepsy.


Regardless of the category in which a user finds themselves, be it dealing with epilepsy or some other severe condition, they are advised to start taking this medicinal drug in low doses. They can then gradually increase the quantity over time if they wish to feel the effects of the substance more strongly or quickly. In places where it is legal, the same principle applies to the use of THC oil, where it is recommended to start with an average dosage of 2.5 mg per day. Slow and steady is the name of the game.


It is also advisable to be monitored by a professional in order to regulate the dosage. Indeed, taking more CBD than necessary would only serve to inhibit the effect of CBD and therefore render the treatment ineffective whatever the ailment you are trying to treat.


There are different ways of administering CBD products. They can be taken:


- Orally (apply a few drops under the tongue)

- Topically (apply directly to the skin)

- As a food supplement (add a few drops to your meal)


If the substance is used as a food supplement, it is necessary to wait two hours after eating before feeling the effects. Digestion must take place for the cannabidiol to take effect.  

Where to buy CBD oil?

Cannabidiol oil is sold on the WWW (world wide web) and legally on specialised platforms. It is possible to find it in online shops such as ours, of course!


Many of these platforms deliver to countries like France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Switzerland. You can also be tempted by brick-and-mortar shops that offer quality and legal services. For your safety, be sure to purchase from a place you trust.


As far as the price of hemp is concerned, you should know that it varies according to various factors (type, dosage, brand, production method, processing needs, etc). In some cases, you won't have to spend much to get it, but in other cases, it can be very expensive. A high quality CBD hemp extract will certainly cost more than a poor quality one.


If you are scientifically inclined or enjoy DIY projects, you may prefer to make your own therapeutic cannabis oil at home using CBD isolate crystals. By making your own CBD cannabis oil, you will not only save money but also have considerable control over the composition.

What are the best CBD oils in UK ?

Based on the demand and reports of effectiveness of certain CBD oils, rankings are often made to highlight the best products of the moment. The latest rankings include CBD brands from France and Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, as well as brands from the United States.


These brands are appreciated in particular for their flavours, their effectiveness in the management of specific ailments (pain, insomnia) and because they offer organic, high quality CBD products. However, you may need to have a substantial budget if you want to buy from some of the most prestigious brands, as they can be expensive.  


You can also opt for ecocert CBD oil which is 100% certified organic and whose CBD dosage ranges from 3% to 30%. 

What are the criteria for choosing a quality CBD oil?

With so many CBD products on the market, buying one can feel a bit too abstract. However, it is possible to avoid confusion when choosing a CBD oil by considering certain factors. These factors help to identify the precise type and quality to buy in a given case. The following is a non-exhaustive but consistent list of some of the criteria that can serve as a guide for those purchasing CBD products.


- The manufacturing process (how they extract the cannabidiol)

- The concentration of CBD (potency)

- The price-quality ratio

- The certifications (to ensure its high quality)

- The reputation of the brand

- The quality and origin of the hemp plant


Apart from these criteria, there are several others to consider when wanting to buy a quality oil. These include the availability of information about the substance's composition. In addition, beyond all the considerations to be made when buying CBD, the need or expectation one has of the product is a key element – what effects do you want this substance to achieve?


Without a precise knowledge of the health condition you suffer from and the type of satisfaction you hope it will bring, it is impossible to choose your CBD oil properly even if you take into account the other selection criteria.


Customer reviews also play an important role in choosing a quality CBD oil. Before you make your purchase, take the time to read some comments or reviews from people who have tried the product before you. You can make your decision based on their advice and experiences.


Also, make sure you know the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil so you don't choose one over the other. They do not have the same components and therefore do not have the same uses or effects. A hemp oil can contain other cannabinoids such as THC, for example. If necessary, talk to a doctor or pharmacist about your health problem. 

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