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Our Favourite CBD Brands to Kick off 2022

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Our Favourite CBD Brands to Kick off 2022

The CBD industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, with projections stating the collective market could surpass 20 billion by 2024. Health-minded consumers have quickly embraced cannabidiol (CBD) as the secret to wellness and there are now more companies than ever offering CBD products for everyday use.


Simply put, CBD is this decade’s “it” girl for wellness.


To kick off the new year, and to kick off January’s month of wellness, here’s our top 3 favourite CBD brands (and star products) to help you start 2022 on the right foot.


Love Hemp

The UK is one of the biggest consumers of CBD, now spending more on cannabis extracts than on Vitamins B and C, and has spawned some of Europe's best CBD brands. Currently the UK’s leading CBD brand and biggest supplier of CBD and hemp products across the country, Love Hemp is known for its THC free CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD capsules.

Why we love it

  • Trustpilot certified: Love Hemp holds an impressive 4.8/5 rating from over 2k reviews — if you don’t trust us, you can trust the people!

  • THC free products: Their products fall within legal guidelines for almost everywhere across Europe (and the world) so you buy and consume them with peace of mind.

  • Double-batch tested: The brand ensures all products are 100% traceable, an important indicator of quality and reliability.

Star product

Love Hemp CBD Body Salve | €20.00

Packing 300mg of CBD and made from raw coconut, beeswax, and a blend of essential oils, this body salve is great as a muscle rub to soothe aches and sores — especially for athletes. Its conditioning formula also helps keep dry, chapped skin at bay.


London-based, OTO is a rising star within the premium CBD market. The company has seen great success in 2021, surpassing a multi-million dollar crowdfunding target and signing with PureForm Global, the world's leading cannabinoid manufacturer for consumer brands and therapeutics. And don’t even get us started on the packaging.

Why we love it

  • Thoughtful products: Keeping the modern consumer in mind, OTO’s products are functional and designed to integrate into your daily routine, seamlessly.

  • Wide range of solutions: From oils, to mists, to skincare, the brand offers a comprehensive selection of CBD products to help with relaxation, sleep, sex, focus and anti-ageing.

  • Customer reviewed: Helpful reviews and testimonials attached to each individual product offer you real consumer insights before buying.

Star product

OTO CBD Sleep Drops | €67.00

Containing 10% CBD (50mg) and a blend of calming botanicals, OTO’s Sleep Drops are designed to help relax, unwind, and find better sleep. If you’re seeking an alternative to drowsiness-inducing sleep aids, these drops are a natural way to help your body sync up to your natural sleep cycle.


Swiss products are renowned for their quality, and Swiss CBD is no different. As the only country with a legal 1% THC threshold, Switzerland produces some of the finest medical cannabis in the world to create the highest quality CBD products on the market.


With a flagship store within the heart of Geneva and a cult-like following, HOLYWEED is one of the most reputable premium CBD brands in Switzerland. The brand announced its plans to open up stores across Europe in 2022, starting with London, UK, delighting fans and CBD connoisseurs from all over the world.

Why we love it

  • From seed to bottling: Involved at every step of the production process, HOLYWEED is as much an expert in genetics as it is an expert in extractions, which isn’t something many CBD brands can say and why the brand’s products are so trusted. 

  • Third party lab tested: Each one of their products are independently tested and come with a certified lab analysis, upholding their commitment for full transparency.

  • Certified organic: HOLYWEED’s products are certified organic, because what you put in or on your body matters.

Star product

HOLYWEED 40% CBD Golden Oil | €168.00

Good luck finding CBD products as potent as this one. Thanks to a cutting-edge extraction process and years of research, HOLYWEED’s 40% CBD oil offers unparalleled potency and purity to veteran CBD users and to those looking for real, felt results. We love this oil used as a daily supplement, as well as mixed with our daily face creams to fight inflammation and signs of ageing.

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