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Honestly, does CBD really help you sleep?

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Cannabis products, in particular CBD (cannabidiol), are often hailed as a natural, organic solution to sleep disorders like insomnia, offering people a better alternative to heavy sedatives. Today we ask: is this honestly true? We’ve read the sleep studies so you don’t have to; time you knew the truth about using CBD products for sleep…

Does CBD help sleep: What the research tells us.  

We want to be honest with you. To people like us who are fanatical about the broad spectrum of health benefits cannabinoids can offer, we’re sorry to disappoint; it isn’t yet known whether using CBD offers a life-long solution to insomnia. In fact, a meta-analysis of CBD sleep studies indicates mixed results.  

If you’re struggling with sleep, a healthy evening routine remains the best available option for falling asleep. That said, using CBD can help! While cannabis isn’t a cure, research in health studies shows it can be a good treatment. Let’s explore how. 

How does using CBD effect sleep? 

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are good, natural treatments for people with chronic pain and anxiety. For such patients, these natural health benefits make high quality CBD products a good choice to help with sleep at night. 

But what about sleep disorders like insomnia or sleep apnea? Does using CBD affect our sleep cycles directly? 

Well, not exactly. CBD isn’t a sedative; it’s as effective during the day as it is at night. However, the calming effects of high quality CBD products can help boost healthy melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone which signals to the brain when your day is over, making CBD a great way to kickstart your journey to dreamland. This is especially true for people who use screens late at night or people who use drugs like Adderall to study. These inhibit melatonin production – buy CBD to restore your balance!

So, how should you use CBD for sleep? 

Which CBD product to buy: That’s what we’re here for! Check out what different products are available to buy now on our Sleep page.

What dose of CBD: Roughly 0.25mg CBD/kilo body weight.

When should you take CBD before bed: Smokable CBD products take 10-15 minutes to work. Sublinguals take 20-40 minutes. Edibles take longer, but the effects last longer too!

Now, calmly off to bed!

We love high quality CBD products but we shouldn’t pretend they’re anything that they’re not. CBD isn’t a cure for insomnia but its natural, calming effects can boost melatonin which helps with sleep! With that in mind, check out the best products available to buy now on our Sleep page!

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