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Golden Oil by HolyWeed: The Elixir of CBD

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Golden Oil CBD: Combining the best in science with the best in cultivation.

Golden Oil is the result of a unique collaboration of people in the CBD space. The oil’s new formula is the product of a year’s research by the best cannabis bio-engineers in North America. Being passionate about how CBD can enhance people’s lives through reduced anxiety and increased relaxation of the body and mind, they partnered with a high-quality hemp brand to help bring their new formula to the people who use the cannabinoid CBD. Naturally, the partner they chose was Holyweed.

The choice was obvious. Holyweed is the largest cultivator of high CBD, low THC hemp flowers in Western Europe, making it one of the most credible legal hemp/cannabis plant growers in the world. Its 100% Swiss artisanal production and clean aesthetic combine to make it one of the best European brands in high quality CBD products. 

Golden Oil CBD: The strongest CBD Oil you can buy

Before the launch of Holyweed’s Golden Oil, CBD oils were limited to 30% purity, give or take. Why? The answer is simple: anything beyond this point the oil would crystallise. The bio-engineers behind the Golden Oil wanted to solve this problem using an advanced distillation machine. Much like with crude oil for petrol, the new machine takes CBD crude (thick, black and low quality) and gently refines it into a lighter, golden liquid whilst retaining an enticing aroma to match the golden allure. 

The bio-engineers who have worked on the project couldn’t do it without help. It was only when they combined this distillation process with Holyweed’s high strength, high quality hemp plant that they knew they had the answer to high strength CBD. Much like most of the other CBD oils available on the market, Golden Oil can be used in a variety of ways. Add three drops of Golden Oil in your beauty serum or daily cream can will enhance your cosmetics routine to ensure your long lasting beauty and maintaining your youthful face. Blend your food and drinks with a little bit of Golden Oil and be blessed by the benefits CBD offers. For example, to name a few, researchers have shown that cannabis and CBD can be seriously effective in reducing anxiety, invigorate your sleep cycles, reduce inflammation and providing pain and stress relief. No CBD product will be as effective as Golden Oil.

Golden Oil CBD: High Quality Packaging for a High Quality Product

Holyweed’s work did not stop with the development of its new high-strength CBD oil. Golden Oil’s packaging matches the gold standard set by its liquid content. It’s the first CBD oil to come in a clear bottle, so you can see the clear, golden colour of the oil inside. Continuing the golden motif, the engraved-glass bottle will fit alongside any designer cologne or soaps in your bathroom collection. 

Golden Oil CBD: Strong, Safe and legal 

This is the strongest CBD oil you can buy whilst still being absolutely confident of its safety. The content of this new 40% pure oil is fully traceable and fully credible. Want help with proof? Holyweed’s products are Bio-Suisse certified which means they exceed minimum EU requirements for product safety and eco-friendliness.

Golden Oil is also completely legal! For Swiss buyers, you can buy our 1% THC oil full spectrum. For the entire European market, there is a 0.2% THC broad spectrum version of the Golden Oil available to buy if you visit us CBDetc.com. 

The best, purest, most stylish CBD oil is available to buy now 

CBDetc is very excited about Golden Oil, after years of testing and reviewing as many CBD oils as we could source, we believe this is the most exceptional CBD product on the market now. Now over to you to leverage the benefits yourself!

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