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Cannabis, CBD and COVID-19: Could Corona Disappear in a Puff of Smoke?..

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Can cannabis help with COVID-19? Research has already shown how cannabis can reduce pain and anxiety, improve our sleep and even be a treatment for life-threatening disease like epilepsy. But do cannabinoids like CBD have the potential to prevent and treat this deadly coronavirus? Clinical research studies indicate that the answer to this question is yes. Read on to find out why.

Cannabis, CBD and COVID-19: direct and indirect therapeutic potential

The studies we’ve looked at to research this article are primarily concerned with the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis and CBD. Specifically, how its potential to reduce high levels of inflammation could directly combat the ‘cytokine storm’ symptom of the COVID-19 disease. 

We’ll study the relationship between the cytokine storm and cannabis in time. For now, we want to study the reasons why cannabinoids like CBD can indirectly help patients in their fight against COVID. 

Reason #1: CBD reduces anxiety 

CBD enhances the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is essential for our health as it maintains the hormonal balance in our blood. In patients suffering from high levels of anxiety, their hormones cortisol, serotonin and melatonin are all out of balance. Its restorative capacity is why these patients and people more generally use CBD as a daily treatment to reduce anxiety.

COVID is a stressful thing: isolation at home, the chance you might have given it to someone you love, the anxiety you might die…These are all very real health issues for patients with COVID-19 symptoms and they all are manifest as high levels of anxiety. CBD can help. 

Reason #2: CBD reduces pain

Pain relief is another use for the cannabinoid CBD which is well documented in clinical research. COVID patients can reduce symptoms including muscle soreness and headaches with daily use of cannabis. 

Finding Shelter in the Storm: Cannabis and Cytokine

The potential for CBD to help reduce high levels of pain and anxiety in COVID-19 patients is undeniable. However, anxiety and pain are only side-effects of the primary symptoms of this disease. It is the anti-inflammatory capacity of cannabis that gives it the ability to fight the virus directly.

Cytokine storms are the cause of lung fibrosis in Sars patients

The ‘cytokine storm’ refers to an over-production of the cytokine protein. Cytokines are a pro-inflammatory protein which increase blood-flow to the infected area, such that (amongst other things) more white blood cells can arrive on the scene to help fight infection. An over-production of cytokines caused by COVID leads to prolonged inflammation in the lungs which can cause irreversible lung damage – otherwise known as lung fibrosis. 

CBD can quell the storm 

In multiple studies, CBD has proven its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory capacity by blocking cytokine overproduction which quells the cytokine storm caused by the virus. CBD, found in cannabis, could therefore be considered a direct treatment to COVID-19, although studies warn any hard conclusions must await further research. We’ve linked some of those studies here. 

Cannabis, CBD and COVID-19: Buy high quality CBD at CBDetc.com

So now you know. Not only can cannabis fight COVID indirectly by reducing anxiety and pain, but also directly by blocking a potential cytokine storm. Next, we tell you how best to benefit from your new-found knowledge!

Making Covid disappear in a puff of smoke…

As the COVID-19 coronavirus most directly affects the lungs, inhalation of cannabis is recommended by this study as the most effective way to benefit from CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. For the right product, visit CBDetc.com where you can find hemp vape oils by premium UK brand má, who source their extract oil sources from American flowers grown on the hills of the Rockies.  

Of course, inhalation isn’t an attractive treatment for patients in the midst of battling off the  COVID virus. If you wish to opt for a less invasive form of CBD consumption, you can find oils, gummy bears, and pills all on CBDetc. We recommend HolyWeed’s 40% pure ‘Golden Oil’ which is stronger than anything else on the European market, whilst still being safe for regular consumption. 

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