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  • Treating Osteoarthritis: How CBD Can Help Manage Arthrosis
    Published : 23/05/2022

    CBD Oil to Manage Osteoarthritis (OA) Pain Most people aged 40+ will suffer from osteoarthritis (arthrosis). There’s no cure for progressive joint pain and movement stiffness, but CBD can help.

  • CBD: Effective Treatment for Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)
    Published : 13/05/2022

    Ringing in the Ears? Try CBD to Fight Tinnitus The cause for tinnitus can be unknown, but the perturbation of ringing in the ears is definitive. Doctors are now turning to CBD as a solution for ear issues.

  • CBD, sports, and athletic performance – Everything you need to know!
    Published : 28/03/2022

    As an athlete, it is more than essential to adopt certain habits to increase one’s performance. It must be said that in sports the body is put to the test, whether it be during intensive training or competitions. Are you already integrating food supplements in your daily life? With its many health benefits, CBD could be one of your best allies when you exercise.

  • How to choose your CBD oil like a pro
    Published : 28/03/2022

    It is important to choose your CBD oil carefully because there is a broad variety of different products and not all are equal. Their quality and effectiveness vary according to different factors. People interested in taking cannabidiol should consider these factors to avoid any frustration of buying the wrong product. If you want to maximise the healthy benefits of CBD oil, use it safely and buy the oil that really suits your needs, read the content of this article carefully.

  • How to make homemade CBD oil from crystals
    Published : 28/03/2022

    Used to combat ailments such as depression and insomnia, CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it is one of the simplest forms of CBD available on the market. Its purchase requires a significant investment. This is why some hemp consumers prefer to make their own. There are several different methods to make this DIY, but the use of powder crystals is one of the best. Read this article to find out why it is best to use crystals to make your own CBD oil, the perfect recipe to do so, and how to properly utilise the resulting product.

  • How to incorporate CBD into your diet
    Published : 28/03/2022

    CBD is a natural substance that has been growing in popularity for some time. It can be found in various forms: flowers, oils, resins, crystals, cosmetics and creams. Since it can be consumed by inhalation, vaping or sublingually, why not incorporate it in your daily diet? This article introduces you to the basics of CBD and the different ways to introduce it into your meal routine.

  • Taking the right dosage of CBD oil
    Published : 28/03/2022

    A successful CBD dosage is just the amount of CBD you need to consume to find satisfaction. The dosage of CBD oil refers to the size or frequency of daily consumption of the substance. When cannabidiol is consumed in the form of oil, the dosage of CBD is not the same as when it is a CBD capsule, a CBD tablet or another form of CBD. Specifically in the case of CBD oil consumption, there are several considerations to be made in order to determine more or less exactly the dose that should be applied in order to feel the desired effects. Read on to learn about the dosage criteria to observe in order to reap the full benefits of your CBD products.

  • Your guide to CBD oil
    Published : 28/03/2022

    CBD oil is a therapeutic product made from the extraction of cannabidiol from the hemp plant, the same plant which produces marijuana. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a molecule belonging to the large family of cannabinoids which are active substances present in hemp plants. CBD makes up on average 40% of the chemical composition of these plants and can therefore be extracted in sufficient quantities to make CBD oil. Due to the rich health properties of cannabidiol, this CBD extract is now widely employed in the management of various ailments. Its growing popularity and its many amazing therapeutic benefits have led to many questions being asked about it.

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