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CBDetc Blog
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  • Unsere bevorzugten CBD-Marken für den Start ins Jahr 2022
    Veröffentlicht am: 03.01.2022

    Health-minded consumers around the world have quickly embraced cannabidiol (CBD) as the secret to wellness. To kick off the new year, here’s our top 3 favourite CBD brands (and star products) to help you start 2022 on the right foot.

  • Golden Oil by HolyWeed: The Elixir of CBD
    Veröffentlicht am: 08.07.2021

    Flagship CBDetc brand Holyweed has recently released Golden Oil. As the leading high quality CBD brand in Europe, Holyweed brings the best hemp product available to buy today. The oil is 40% CBD and, as you can see, contained in the kind of bottle that would fit well alongside your finest l’eau du toilette. Golden Oil is the strongest, the purest, the most stylish, the most golden. Only available through CBDetc in Europe.

  • Cannabis, CBD und COVID-19: Könnte die Corona in einem Hauch von Rauch verschwinden?...
    Veröffentlicht am: 07.07.2021

    Can cannabis help with COVID-19? Research has already shown how cannabis can reduce pain and anxiety, improve our sleep and even be a treatment for life-threatening disease like epilepsy. But do cannabinoids like CBD have the potential to prevent and treat this deadly coronavirus? Clinical research studies indicate that the answer to this question is yes. Read on to find out why.

  • Kann CBD Ihnen helfen, mit dem Rauchen aufzuhören?
    Veröffentlicht am: 07.07.2021

    Recently, some of our customers have been letting us know that they’ve been using the premium CBD products we offer to help them quit smoking. In this blog, we wanted to explore the question: Does CBD help smokers quit their nicotine addiction? Our initial search was promising; one study has found CBD reduced cigarette consumption by 40% amongst regular smokers when compared to a placebo group. We’ll share what we’ve learnt from research like this which indicates that smoking CBD can fight symptoms of withdrawal and also reduce cravings for a cigarette.

  • Mal ehrlich: Hilft CBD wirklich beim Schlafen?
    Veröffentlicht am: 07.07.2021

    Cannabis products, in particular CBD (cannabidiol), are often hailed as a natural, organic solution to sleep disorders like insomnia, offering people a better alternative to heavy sedatives. Today we ask: is this honestly true? We’ve read the sleep studies so you don’t have to; time you knew the truth about using CBD products for sleep…

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