Why use CBD soft gels and capsules?

Concerned about taking CBD in a professional or business context? Finding droppers or pipettes tricky to use? Consider the latest innovation in CBD to unlock awesome benefits discreetly and with convenience! Try using safe, handy, and subtle capsules or soft gels to enjoy the benefits of CBD today. 

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Five great reasons we love soft gels! 

  1. They’re best in class for accurate dosing that’s always at hand. 

    Choose capsules and soft when you need total convenience. You can be really confident with the accuracy of your dose. 

  2. They’re easier to swallow than aspirin!  

    Gently rounded and with soft sides, these small capsules make taking CBD straightforward, even for people who normally struggle with pills.  

  3. More accurate than a dropper for selecting the right dose for you. 

    Although they have a lower absorption rate than sub-lingual drops, it is easier to choose the exact dosage thanks to the carefully measured amounts of active CBD in each capsule.

  4. No more earthy or grassy tastes or smells. 

    Many users of CBD capsules also value their neutral odor and the choice of flavors that are now available.

  5. A reliable shelf life helps you gain CBD’s goodness consistently.

    When stored in a cool, dry place CBD capsules have excellent longevity and can retain their reliability and potency for longer than an open bottle. 

Are there any downsides to capsules or soft-gels?

Whilst some users benefit from faster absorption delivered by direct application of CBD oil under the tongue, for most people the convenience of capsules are highly suitable. They’re a super-smart choice for those who need to take CBD supplements discreetly in a public or professional context. 

Though some CBD lovers are looking for the earthy or grassy aftertaste, we know that it can be off-putting too. By avoiding the smell of CBD oil on the breath or in the mouth, capsules are especially suitable for situations where discretion is required.

We simply love CBD capsules and soft gels. 

For us, the accuracy of dosing that capsules give is such a plus point. They’re really accessible and seriously straightforward to take in almost any situation.